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How Seasonal Changes May Affect Your Pet’s Health Our doggies love beautiful weather, just like us! There’s not a whole heap better than a good walk on a beautiful day with a happy doggy.   But changing seasons can be tricky for pets, so it’s important to be aware that they can struggle just as...

Summer 2020 is less than 2 weeks away! So it’s super important we’re looking out for our pets in the harsh Aussie sun – particularly if you’ve got a white or short-haired pet.   Animals can be vulnerable to UV damage just like us. As with humans, the UV risk to your pet varies based...

Sleeping all day in the sun. It’s a human’s dream, and a cat’s never-ending reality! Find a nice spot of sun in your home, and generally you’ll find your cat there too lapping it all up. So why do cats like to hang around in the sun so much? 🤔   A full fur coat...

I feel like I heard this a lot when I was a kid. It’s just one of those weird facts you hear around the schoolyard that you pass onto your cousin one day and they pass it around their school and suddenly it just becomes one of those things you believe but never really look...

ou want what’s best for your pet, so naturally, you want to feed them the healthiest diet possible. But the truth is, every animal’s dietary needs are totally different, so the key is to learn some general information about pet nutrition which can help you make healthy choices for your four-legged friend. We know a...


‘Where did I come from?” A common question to come out of a curious 8-year-old’s mouth, but not so common hearing it come from a dog. Although, many of the common dog breeds we know and love today were created with a desired purpose (no, not just for Instagram fame. Weird, right?!). After all, dogs...

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Here for them, when you can’t be.
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