Workplace Pet Therapy

Less stress, more pets!

Want to add some furry fun to your work team’s day? We can help!

Why Pawz & Me?

We are a premium pet care service in the Macarthur and Wollondilly regions. We are a team of animal lovers with a passion for providing quality care and companionship to our clients’ beloved pets.

From humble beginnings as a one-woman show in 2017, our ever-growing team of animal lovers now provides a wide range of Services to our more than 1,100 happy Clients, including Dog Training, Dog Walking & Adventures, in-home Pet Sitting, Wedding Pet Assistant Services, School Education Program, and Pet Transportation.

We aim to be the go-to for premium Pet Care Services throughout the Macarthur Region & beyond. We love making pets happy and have received 300+ 5-Star reviews.

Pawz & Me is registered and fully insured, plus our team are all police-check certified and trained in Pet First Aid. We’re not only passionate and experienced, but we ensure all pets are in safe, capable, and loving hands.

Workplace pet therapy sessions offer vital stress reduction benefits.

Interacting with therapy animals lowers cortisol levels and boosts feel-good hormones, fostering a calmer and more resilient workforce.

Additionally, these sessions promote a sense of community among coworkers by encouraging social interactions and breaking down barriers.

Therapy animals provide valuable emotional support, offering unconditional love and companionship during tough times, enhancing employees’ sense of belonging within the workplace community.

Benefits for your Team Members

Benefits for your Workplace

Workplace pet therapy boosts productivity by reducing stress and increasing happiness among employees.

Studies show that regular interactions with pets lower stress levels, resulting in better stress management and fewer sick days.

Additionally, pet therapy improves team dynamics, fostering camaraderie and collaboration among coworkers. The presence of pets serves as a natural icebreaker, enhancing communication and bonding between colleagues from different departments.

This strengthened sense of community leads to more effective collaboration on projects and tasks, ultimately boosting productivity levels across the organization.

What do our Pet Visits involve?

We take all the work out of your hands to provide your team with a therapeutic as well as informative experience.

Our Handlers will provide a short presentation detailing the benefits of Workplace Pet Therapy and useful dog handling and care information.

After a short presentation from our Handlers, we offer plenty of time for every team member to interact with our dogs (they are known lovers of belly rubs!) and ask any questions they may have.

The dogs chosen for each Workplace Pet Therapy session are long-term clients of ours, and have been chosen specifically for their temperament, socialisation skills and level of training. We also ensure that they are up-to-date with their vaccinations and are toilet-trained.

We can completely customise your Workplace Pet Therapy session based on your team’s needs – just ask!

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