WeddingsTips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day with Your Dog

We all know how busy and overwhelming weddings can be for humans. So when you add the presence of some excitable furry friends to the mix, things can get pretty stressful – and quick!

If you’re planning on making your dog a part of your big day, follow our top tips to creating a stress-free wedding day experience for everyone involved.



1. Plan Ahead

Assess Your Dog’s Comfort Level

Before your big day, evaluate how your dog reacts to crowds and new environments. If your dog is shy or easily stressed, consider a less active role in your day, such as simply including them in your photos rather than your Ceremony.

Make sure your dog has basic obedience training and is familiar with commands like sit, stay, and come. You’ll get better results if you practice these commands with the sorts of distractions your dog is likely to experience on your wedding day, such as new people, noises, and movements.

Hire a professional and experienced Wedding Pet Assistant

We know, we know. Your friends and family seriously LOVE your dog – almost as much as you! But they deserve to enjoy your day just as much as you do.

So, consider hiring a professional Wedding Pet Assistant to care for your dog on your wedding day.

A Wedding Pet Assistant can manage your dog’s needs throughout the day, allowing you to party the day away with your nearest and dearest!


2. Gradual Acclimation

Visit the Venue

If possible, take your dog to your wedding venue before your big day to let them explore and get comfortable with the new environment. But make sure you advise your venue that you’ll be visiting before you show up, so they don’t get any unwelcome surprises!

Practice Makes Perfect

A wedding rehearsal benefits more than just the couple! Practice your dog’s role multiple times before the wedding day. This can help them to understand what to expect on the day, and may help to reduce any anxiety.



3. Create a Comfortable Environment

Designated Rest Area

Set up a quiet, comfortable area where your dog can retreat if they feel overwhelmed. Include their bed, favourite toys, and a blanket. This is particularly important if you’re expecting extreme weather on your wedding day (such as intense heat or cold).

Hydration & Nutrition

Ensure your dog has access to fresh water and their regular food, and avoid giving them new or rich foods that could upset their stomach.

If employing the help of a dedicated Wedding Pet Assistant, advise them of any items to pack, such as specific food or treats. A well-prepared Wedding Pet Assistant will ensure fresh water and a portable water bowl is top of their list for items to pack.


4. Manage Stress & Anxiety

Calming Aids & Socialisation

For your wedding day, it’s a good idea to bring familiar items like your dog’s bed, favourite toys, or a blanket to provide comfort. Helping them burn excess energy before their special moment(s) is also a great idea, so if you can make the time, try to take your dog for a long walk or play session the day before or morning of your wedding, to help reduce their energy and nerves.

You can also consider using calming products like pheromone sprays, THC treats, or anxiety wraps to help them stay calm.

We recommend trying to gradually acclimatise your dog to crowds and new environments by taking them to busy parks or social gatherings.



5. Assign a dedicated Wedding Pet Assistant

Experienced & Trustworthy

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to make sure your dog is safe, looked-after, whilst also being a part of the party, then we recommend employing the help of a dedicated Wedding Pet Assistant. This person can not only assist with your dog’s involvement in your ceremony, photos, and reception, but also handle walks, bathroom breaks, and provide comfort when needed, as well as getting your dog to and from your venue safe and sound.


6. Dress for Success

Comfortable Attire

Choose comfortable, well-fitting attire for your dog that allows for easy movement. It’s a great idea to test your dog in their outfit before the big day to ensure they’re comfortable and accustomed to wearing it.

For something custom, Etsy have a range of talented creators who can design detailed outfits and accessories just for your furry friend.

Or, choose from our range of wedding pet accessories, with options to fit dogs of all sizes and breeds.



7. Prepare for Photos

Posing Practice

Get your dog used to the camera by practicing photo sessions at home. Use their favourite treats and toys to keep their attention, and master the basics of sit, stay, and down – they’re going to be hearing these a lot on your big day!

Also, make sure your wedding photographer is 100% on board for your dog’s involvement. Choose a photographer who’s both experienced with and passionate about pets, who knows how to capture great shots without stressing your dog.


8. Weather Considerations

Hot or Cold? Be Prepared For Anything!

If planning a wedding in the warmer months (Spring & Summer), ensure your dog has access to shade at your venue and plenty of water available on the day. You can even consider cooling vests or mats if the weather is forecast to be extreme.

If you’re having a Winter wedding, ensure your dog is equipped to handle the cold. Consider how long they may be required to be outside, and opt for attire which could help them brace themselves against extreme cold (such as a custom-made tuxedo or dress, or simply a stylish coat). Ensure your dog has access to a rest area that is sheltered from the wind and cold.



9. Inform Your Guests

Allergy & Comfort

We know a surprise furry guest of honour will immediately get your guests “Awww”-ing so loud the neighbours will hear, but if you know or suspect that any of your guests may have allergies or fear of dogs, it may be best to Inform your guests in advance that your dog will be part of the party. This allows those with allergies or fears to prepare accordingly.

If you feel it’s needed, consider creating a designated pet-free zone where guests who prefer to keep their distance from your dog can comfortably enjoy the celebration.


10. MOST IMPORTANTLY… Have Fun & Be Flexible!

Remember to Go with the Flow

Our pets can sometimes be unpredictable, particularly when entering new environments, or seeing people they really, really love (like your cousin from Perth who visits every Christmas).

Remember to stay flexible and be prepared for unexpected behaviour. Dogs can pick up on your stress, so keep a positive and relaxed attitude.

Remember to enjoy all the special moments on your wedding day with your dog – they only come once!. Their presence on your day will no doubt make it even more memorable.


By following our handy tips, you can ensure your dog remains calm, comfortable, and happy throughout your wedding day.


Ready for a stress-free wedding?

Having a Pet Assistant at your wedding can add a special touch to your big day while making it a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your furry friend. Whether you want to include your pet in your wedding photos, have them walk down the aisle, or simply have them by your side, a Pet Assistant can help make your pet a happy and integral part of one of the most magical and important days of your life.


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