WeddingsDogs at Weddings: Problems & Solutions

Including your dog in your wedding is guaranteed to add a special touch to your big day! But with an extra special guest can also come a range of concerns.

Here are some common worries that soon-to-be-wed couples might have about incorporating their dogs into their wedding and our practical solutions to address them…



Behaviour & Training

“My dog might misbehave or not follow commands.”

This is one of the most common concerns of couples when deciding whether to include their pet in their wedding day. But it can be an easy fix! … So long as you can make the time for it.

Our solution? Invest plenty of time into training your dog for whatever you’d like to see them achieve on your wedding day.

Want your flower girl to walk them down the aisle? Loose leash training, here you come!

Want your dog posing cutest bridal photos on the planet? Focus on basics like sit, stay, and down.

Want your dog to stand next to you at the aisle during your Ceremony? Nail that “Stay” command and make sure they’re comfortable remaining in place for long period of time.

Want your dog to be your celebrant? Well, they might need some extra training for that. Perhaps some that your everyday Dog Trainer won’t be qualified to assist you with.

The big takeaway is: Invest the time! The more work you put in before your wedding day, the better results you can expect to see from your dog!

Consider working with a professional dog trainer to reinforce good behaviour (we recommend our good friends at Animal Wellness & Behaviour 😉).

You can also try practicing your dog’s new tricks at your wedding venue, so they can become familiar with being the goodest boy/girl ever in a familiar environment.

“My dog might get overly excited or anxious.”

One word: socialisation!

Try to gradually acclimatise your dog to crowds and new environments by taking them to busy parks or social gatherings.

For your wedding day, it’s a good idea to bring familiar items like your dog’s bed, favourite toys, or a blanket to provide comfort. Helping them burn excess energy before their special moment(s) is also a great idea, so if you can make the time, try to take your dog for a long walk or play session the day before or morning of your wedding, to help reduce their energy and nerves.

You can also consider using calming products like pheromone sprays, THC treats, or anxiety wraps to help them stay calm.



Health & Safety

“My dog might get stressed or overheated.”

If you’re planning a Summer wedding, ensure there is a designated rest area for your dog with access to plenty of shade and water. Whether you’re booking a dedicated Wedding Pet Assistant or utilising a friend or family member to chaperone your pet, ensure they pack water and a portable water bowl.

If the weather is supposed to be extreme on your big day, or your dog struggles particularly in warmer weather, consider even packing cooling mats, fans, or even ice packs wrapped in towels.

For colder weather, provide a warm blanket or coat – you can even incorporate this into their wedding attire!

You’re no doubt going to be a busy little bee on your wedding day, so whether you’re using a paid Wedding Pet Assistant or utilising the help of a family member or friend, ensure you have some dedicated to monitoring your dog’s behaviour closely for any signs of stress or overheating.

“What if my dog gets sick or injured?”

We always recommend employing an experienced professional to help make your pet a part of your big day, A Wedding Pet Assistant will become equipped with a pet first aid kit, or have the ability to seek vet assistance in the event of an emergency.

If you’re not looking to employ a Wedding Pet Assistant for your wedding day, ensure a pet first aid kit is high on your list of items to pack.  Be sure to note the location of the nearest emergency vet and have their contact information readily available.


Venue & Guest Issues

“The venue might not be dog-friendly.”

The last thing we’d want is for you to fall in love with your dream wedding venue, only to find out that they don’t allow pets!

Save yourself the heartache and ensure you do your research before settling on a wedding venue. Psst… We’ve made it super easy by compiling a list of recommended pet-friendly wedding venues HERE!

Once you’ve found your perfect pet-friendly wedding venue, be sure to confirm all the details with the venue management, including any restrictions or specific areas where dogs are and aren’t allowed. Discuss your plans to include your dog in the wedding with the venue coordinator to ensure everything goes smoothly.

“Some guests might have allergies or fear of dogs.”

We know a surprise furry guest of honour will immediately get your guests “Awww”-ing so loud the neighbours will hear, but if you know or suspect that any of your guests may have allergies or fear of dogs, it may be best to Inform your guests in advance that your dog will be part of the party. This allows those with allergies or fears to prepare accordingly.

If you feel it’s needed, consider creating a designated pet-free zone where guests who prefer to keep their distance from your dog can comfortably enjoy the celebration.



Logistics & Practicality

“Managing my dog during the ceremony and reception might be challenging.”

Hello… Is it us you’re looking for?

Let our experienced animal lovers take the stress out of making your pets a part of the biggest party of YOUR LIFE 😎🎉

We’ll help your dog prance their way down the aisle, play ring-bearer in your Ceremony, and be the cutest pet model for your Wedding pics! We can dress them in their wedding attire and make sure they’re looking downright dapper for your big day.

Every weird and wonderful request you may have – we’re here for it!

Find out more about our Wedding Pet Assistant Services here.

“My dog might disrupt the ceremony or reception.”

Remember all that fun training stuff we discussed before? This is where all that hard work comes to play!

Plan for your dog’s participation during specific parts of the wedding, such as walking down the aisle or being included in photos. A training plan can be a huge help to ensuring you achieve exactly what you want out of making your pet a part of your wedding day.

As well as this, ensure your pet has a designated handler at all times who can quickly remove them if they become disruptive.

“My dog’s attire might be uncomfortable or impractical.”

Choose comfortable, well-fitting attire for your dog that allows for easy movement. It’s a great idea to test your dog in their outfit before the big day to ensure they’re comfortable and accustomed to wearing it.

For something custom, Etsy have a range of talented creators who can design detailed outfits and accessories just for your furry friend.

Or, choose from our range of wedding pet accessories, with options to fit dogs of all sizes and breeds.


So there you have it! Some of the main concerns we hear from brides & grooms about incorporating their pet in their wedding day, with our practical solutions to make your big day a total breeze!


Ready for a stress-free wedding?

Having a Pet Assistant at your wedding can add a special touch to your big day while making it a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your furry friend. Whether you want to include your pet in your wedding photos, have them walk down the aisle, or simply have them by your side, a Pet Assistant can help make your pet a happy and integral part of one of the most magical and important days of your life.


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