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Not all dogs can handle the extreme cold that some parts of the country see, particularly in the more Southern regions such as Victoria and Tasmania. So it’s important that as Winter approaches, we’re watching our dogs closely during the cold, especially if we’re hit with a particularly cold snap that could drastically affect their...


The Stables at Bendooley Estate Thursday, 3rd December 2020   Without a doubt, Tara & Callum were one of the most cool, calm, collected and fun-loving couples we’ve been lucky enough to work with! From our first meeting, we knew their big day featuring their Cavoodle Harley was going to be full of love and...


As if there weren’t enough reasons to be cautious when moving around outdoors in the last 12 months, we’ve now been made aware of another life-threatening disease that’s frantically making it’s way across the country and causing distress to dog owners nationwide. Canine Ehrlichiosis This isn’t your regular old kennel cough outbreak that can be...


The Robertson Hotel Wednesday, 23rd December 2020   You know how they talk about perfect weather for a Wedding? Well, this day really couldn’t get any more perfect. A beautifully sunny day and with just 2 days before Christmas, there was a magic in the air at Su & Peter’s Wedding like no other we’d...


If your dog is itching to get out of the yard and explore somewhere new, then have we got a list for you! With dogs being such a cherished family member in today’s pet-friendly society, local Councils and Venues have encouraged this trend by providing more dog-friendly parks, places to visit, and even doggy menus...


Summer 2020 is less than 2 weeks away! So it’s super important we’re looking out for our pets in the harsh Aussie sun – particularly if you’ve got a white or short-haired pet. Animals can be vulnerable to UV damage just like us. As with humans, the UV risk to your pet varies based on...


Culburra Beach Saturday, 17th October 2020   Mac & Aaron’s Wedding was a truly intimate affair we’ll never forget! This laidback and loved-up couple agreed on an entirely relaxed and cosy day shared with their absolute nearest and dearest, and we were so lucky to be a part of such a unique day shared by...


Sleeping all day in the sun. It’s a human’s dream, and a cat’s never-ending reality! Find a nice spot of sun in your home, and generally you’ll find your cat there too lapping it all up. So why do cats like to hang around in the sun so much?  A full fur coat isn’t always...

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Pet Sitting

Here for them, when you can’t be.
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