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If you’re a Fur Mum or Dad, then making your four-legged friend a part of your big day is an ABSOLUTE non-negotiable!

However, not all wedding venues are pet-friendly, and it’s essential that when your wedding venue journey begins, you don’t fall head over heels in love with a venue that won’t allow your pet-at-wedding dreams to come true.

Finding a venue that can comfortably and safely accommodate your furry friend is a must.

Not only have we created a detailed list of Greater Sydney & beyond pet-friendly Wedding venues (featuring our top picks from Macarthur, Wollongong & South Coast, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley Region, and more!), but we’ve also put together this handy to help you choose the perfect dog-friendly wedding venue…


1. Venue Policies and Restrictions

Pet Policy

  • Check Regulations: Before falling in love with a venue, be sure to verify their pet policy. Ensure they allow furry four-legged friends to be on-site and ask about any specific rules to follow (such as out-of-bounds areas and time restrictions).
  • Deposits and Fees: Some venues may require a pet deposit or an additional fee for bringing your dog. Ensure you clarify these details upfront.

Area Restrictions

  • Designated Areas: Determine if your dog is allowed in all areas of the venue, including indoor spaces, ceremony sites, and reception areas.
  • Leash Rules: Understand the venue’s rules regarding leashes. Most venues will require your dog to be on a leash at all times.


2. Space and Environment

Outdoor Areas

  • Open Space: Your dog may need a walk to ease their nerves or fill some time between the wedding festivities, so look for venues with ample outdoor space where your dog can roam and play safely.
  • Shade and Shelter: Ensure there are shaded areas and shelter to keep your dog comfortable in various weather conditions.

Indoor Accommodations

  • Pet-Friendly Indoors: If your wedding includes indoor events, ensure the venue allows dogs inside and can provide a comfortable environment for them. Whilst we humans love to spend hours tearing up the dancefloor, your dog may not be so keen!

Safe and Secure

  • Fencing and Boundaries: Check that outdoor areas are securely fenced to prevent your dog from wandering off.
  • Safe Terrain: Ensure the grounds are safe for dogs, and free from hazards like sharp objects, toxic plants, or even in the cases of rural venues, other animals on-site!



3. Comfort and Safety

Climate Control

  • Weather Considerations: If your wedding is during extreme weather conditions, check if there are climate-controlled areas where your dog can stay comfortable.
  • Backup Plan: Have a backup plan for your dog in case of unexpected weather changes.

Quiet Spaces

  • Rest Areas: Ensure there are quiet, designated areas where your dog can take breaks away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding.
  • Restrooms: Confirm that there are nearby restrooms or designated areas for your dog to relieve themselves.


4. Flexibility and Support

Venue Flexibility

  • Customizable Spaces: Look for venues that offer flexibility in customizing spaces to accommodate your dog’s needs.
  • Cooperative Staff: Ensure the venue staff are supportive and willing to help with any special requests related to your dog.

Coordination with Vendors

  • Pet-Friendly Vendors: Choose vendors who are comfortable working around dogs and can accommodate their presence. This includes clarify any allergies with vendors who may be working close to your dog on the day, such as photographers and celebrants.
  • Clear Communication: Communicate clearly with all vendors about your plans to include your dog, ensuring everyone is on the same page.



5. Guest Considerations

Allergy and Fear Management

  • Guest Comfort: Inform your guests ahead of time that your dog will be present to accommodate for those with allergies or fears.
  • Designated Seating: Arrange for guests with allergies or fears to sit further away from areas where your dog will be most active.

Interaction Guidelines

  • Safe Interaction: Set guidelines for guests on how to interact with your dog, ensuring both your pet and your guests are comfortable and safe.
  • Pet Assistant: Consider having a dedicated Wedding Pet Assistant or Chaperone to manage your dog and facilitate guest interactions.


6. Experience and Reviews

Previous Events

  • Past Weddings: Ask the venue if they have hosted pet-friendly weddings before and request references or reviews from those events. Positive feedback from other pet-friendly weddings can give you confidence in the venue’s ability to accommodate your dog.

Visit and Observe

  • Site Visit: Schedule a pre-wedding visit to the venue with your dog to observe how they react to the environment and how accommodating the staff are towards your dog’s presence. A trial visit can help identify any potential issues and ensure your dog is comfortable at the venue.


Choosing a dog-friendly wedding venue requires careful consideration and planning. By focusing on these key aspects, you can find a venue that will accommodate your furry friend, ensuring they are comfortable, safe, and part of your special day.


Ready for a stress-free wedding?

Having a Pet Assistant at your wedding can add a special touch to your big day while making it a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your furry friend. Whether you want to include your pet in your wedding photos, have them walk down the aisle, or simply have them by your side, a Pet Assistant can help make your pet a happy and integral part of one of the most magical and important days of your life.


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