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Bring your pets to the party.

Like humans, cats can get anxious when they’re in a new or unfamiliar environment. If you’ve recently adopted a cat whose exhibiting signs of anxiety and you’re not sure where to start in reducing it, then try our tips to help make them more comfortable in their new environment. Understand their psychology Cats are sensitive...


Anyone who lives with a cat knows that they’re big heat-seekers. If there’s a warm spot to be found, your kitty will find it! Whether it’s a sun-puddle on the living room floor, a windowsill, or a warm pile of laundry straight from the dryer, cats are creatures of comfort, and the most comfortable cat...


Easter is right around the corner, and with this special time of year being such a great opportunity to spend with family, you simply can’t forget about getting your furry family members involved in all the fun, too! Whether you’ve been a paw-rent for many years or just recently welcomed a new furry family member...


If you don’t consider yourself a ‘cat’ person, you might find it a little hard to determine whether a cat is friend or foe. With their waggy tails, toothy smiles and slobbery kisses, dogs make things pretty easy. But cats tend to use a more gentle and wary approach when it comes to meeting new...


Sleeping all day in the sun. It’s a human’s dream, and a cat’s never-ending reality! Find a nice spot of sun in your home, and generally you’ll find your cat there too lapping it all up. So why do cats like to hang around in the sun so much?  A full fur coat isn’t always...


If the crazy heat that Sydney’s been dealt with this past Summer isn’t enough to have you rushing home to pop your kitty inside with a fresh bowl of cool water and the A/C cranking, then it sounds like you might need a little more convincing as to why it’s best to keep your cat...

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Pet Sitting

Here for them, when you can’t be.
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