Dog Safety Education Program

Building the next generation of passionate pet owners.

Give your students expert education in dog handling and care via our interactive and engaging Program, designed for Schools and Early Education Centres.

Teaching life lessons in an interactive and engaging way

Your students will benefit from a wide range of educational and social advantages, learning important life skills such as responsibility, empathy, and decision-making.

Everyone can take part

Our program is designed to be inclusive and accessible for all students, regardless of their previous experience with dogs or pets.

Building relationships

Students will receive the opportunity to connect with their peers and form stronger relationships with their pets.

Helping to keep them safe

Our program is designed to teach children about dog handling, care, and health in a fun and interactive way, helping to build a deeper understanding and respect for their furry friends. They will also learn about the potential dangers associated with dog ownership and how to keep themselves and their pets safe.

A unique and rewarding schoolroom experience

Our program would be a valuable addition to your school’s curriculum and would provide your students with a unique and rewarding educational experience.

Benefits of our Program for Students

Teaching the younger generations about dog safety and responsible pet ownership is absolutely vital, and your students can benefit from our Program in a range of ways.

Benefits of our Program for Schools & Early Education Centres

We know you have your students’ best interests at heart and we can imagine you are constantly looking for activities and programs to teach them about the world in fun and engaging ways. We believe our Dog Safety Education Program can help elevate this and be beneficial for your school for these reasons (and more):

High impact, no inconvenience

Our program doesn’t require any additional staff or resources, as our Dog Handlers are present throughout the entire visit and bring all necessary resources with them.

Any time that suits you

Our program can be easily incorporated into your school’s schedule, as we can come at a time that suits you best.

Everything happens onsite

We come to you, so there’s no need for your students to leave the school grounds. Our program is therefore fully accessible for everyone.

Genuinely engaging

Who doesn’t love dogs?! Our program will be something your students genuinely look forward to and engage with, whilst being informative and educational.

What does our Program involve?

We take all the work out of your hands to provide your students with an engaging and insightful opportunity to learn about safe dog handing and care.

Our Dog Handlers will arrive with our Dog of the Day and provide an interactive presentation to teach students about about areas such as:

  • How to approach a new dog for the first time
  • Safe ways to interact with your dog
  • What foods dogs can and can’t eat
  • How to spot a happy or unhappy dog

After the presentation, students will be invited to interact with our Dog of the Day and ask our Handlers any questions they may have.

Engagement can be increased from the school by encouraging the students to bring photos and stories of their own dogs to the session.

The dogs we bring with us are long-term clients of ours, therefore we are confident that their temperament, socialisation skills and level of training are suitable for a school environment. We also ensure that they are up-to-date with their vaccinations and are toilet-trained.

Happy words from happy kids

“I loved that big dog.”

“Can we do it again?”

“Can they come to school all the time, everyday?”

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