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Wedding dog ideas walking down the aisle

Looking for a sweet way to personalise your wedding and add some next-level cuteness to your big day? How about inviting your pooch to the party? Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to include your dog that will be fun and memorable for both of you. Here are 6 sweet dog wedding ideas for when you say ‘I Do’.

1. Getting ready together

Picture getting ready with your loved ones and getting some pats in with your pooch. Sounds perfect to us! Having your furry favourite there with you might also help calm those wedding day jitters.

Are you having a first look with your partner? Why not also let your dog get swept up in all the emotion that comes with seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day?

2. Walking down the aisle

One of our favourite dog wedding ideas is letting your dog walk down the aisle. Giving your dog a moment to shine will not disappoint. You can walk down together with your pets in tow or let one of our Pet Assistants walk your dog down the aisle for you. Either way, we’re certain they will love all the attention and will be the happiest guest there seeing their pawrents so madly in love.

3. Ceremony duties

Who better to trust the important elements of your day with than your fur ball? They were born to be your dog of honour. Let your pooch give their paw of approval when you sign the wedding certificate, be the ring bearer (we have the perfect outfit for this!) or have them be your furry flower girl.

4. Photo moments, say cheese!

We know your dog only has good sides and will shine in any photo taken of them. Discuss the photo opportunities with your photographer and how you can best include your dog and enjoy having them by your side when you say cheese. You can include them in your couple portraits, wedding party pictures and group photos.

5. Entertaining guests

Your dog will be the life of the party and the best plus one you’ve ever brought to a wedding. We’re pretty sure your guests will be swooning over their cute antics and smart attire. Let your pooch entertain your guests by showing off their party tricks (and demanding pats) while you whisk off to get a few more couple portraits taken. Everyone will love it!

6. First dance

Has your dog got the moves like Jagger? Why not let them take the dance floor to dance with somebody? It will be the perfect ending to your big day (and a good distraction if you’re worried you have two left feet)!

Pet-friendly weddings

How much your dog can be included in your wedding day depends on the wedding venue you pick. We recommend discussing your wishes of having your dog at your wedding before locking in a venue so you don’t get disappointed.

Still looking for a venue that will welcome your dog with open arms? We’ve got you sorted! Check out these pet-friendly wedding venues!

Want to know more about including your pet in your wedding day? Reach out to our team here at Pawz & Me and we can tell you all there is to know about bringing your pooch to the party!

Photo: Better Together Photo Co

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