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If the crazy heat that Sydney’s been dealt with this past Summer isn’t enough to have you rushing home to pop your kitty inside with a fresh bowl of cool water and the A/C cranking, then it sounds like you might need a little more convincing as to why it’s best to keep your cat indoors. We all want our cats to live long, healthy and happy lives, and whilst many cat-owners believe it may be ‘cruel’ to keep their cat locked indoors all day and night, often it is the outside world that exposes our beloved family pets to what puts their lives in the most danger. Read our 5 reasons to keep your cat inside below.

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1. Reduced Risk of Exposure to Disease or Parasites

Your cat will have much less risk of contracting a contagious disease if they aren’t expose to other outdoor cats in your neighbourhood. The chances of your cat becoming infested with fleas, ticks or internal worms will also be greatly reduced if they remain in an indoor environment because they won’t be coming in contact with infected faeces, prey, grass or soil.

2. Indoor Cats Can’t Be Hit By Vehicles

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s a biggie! How many times have you been driving around suburbia and a neighbourhood cat has darted out in front of your car? A close call for that kitty, but sadly not all cats have 9 lives left and live to tell the tale. Even the most supposedly “street savvy” feline can become distracted while in pursuit of prey or while being chased by another cat or a dog. Cats get hit by cars at an alarmingly high rate and a little eight-pound cat is no match against a car or truck. Even if the cat survives, the injuries are usually extremely severe.

3. Reduced Risk of Accidental Poisoning

Even though there is the risk of potential poisoning in your everyday home environment, an indoor cat owner has more control over the ability to remove toxic plants, toxic chemicals and other dangers from their cat’s reach. Unfortunately, chances are your neighbours aren’t immediately thinking of your outdoor cat when they use dangerous pesticides for their lawn or garden. Waste bins can also be a danger to outdoor cats, tempting them with food waste that may be spoilt and cause severe food poisoning which can lead to death.

4. No Bruises and Scars

It’s not unusual for an outdoor cat to become injured from fighting with another animal in the neighbourhood – some cats who roam freely outside are extremely territorial and will fight to the death if needed. An outdoor cat can also be exposed to other predators such as stray dogs, large birds, and snakes, and even cat-hating neighbours who can cause them harm! Keeping your cat indoors will ensure they stay protected from things that can harm them in the outside world.

5. You’ll Know Where Your Cat Is

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We’ve heard time and time again from clients that it’s fairly normal for their cat to disappear for days at a time, which is a worrying thought! An indoor cat, whilst they may be hiding under the coffee table or snoozing under your bed, is more guaranteed to stay safe within the comfort of your home.

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