DogsHealthTips for Keeping Your Pooch Cool this Hot Season

Dog water bowl being filled

As the hot weather settles in, it’s so important to create ways to help your pooch beat the heat and stay safe in the heat.

Here are some great ideas for keeping your dog super cool this Summer:

  • Shell Splash Pool – These can be found at hardware or department stores and are a great, cheap way to allow your dog to splash around and cool off from the heat. Plus, they’re a great safety net in case your dog knocks over their water bowl or drinks all their water and no-one is home to assist them.
  • Ice Blocks – Freeze water in a container (ice-cream containers work great!) with some treats and your dog will stay engaged all day trying to reach the treats while keeping themselves cool and hydrated.
  • Add Ice to their Water – Adding ice to their water bowl will keep the water cooler for longer.
  • A Cool Place to Sit – Make sure they have an area to sit that is completely shaded. If you don’t have a covered area, set up a temporary area using a tarp, cloth or shade screen.
  • Sprinkler – Run the sprinkler during the warmer hours of the day.
  • Cool Mats – These can be found at pet stores and offer relief and somewhere to sit/lay. Alternatively, soak a towel with cold water or even freeze it overnight for a DIY option.


Got any ideas that work well for your Pooch in the hotter months? Let us know in the comments!

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