DogsHealthCanine Ehrlichiosis: A deadly new canine disease


As if there weren’t enough reasons to be cautious when moving around outdoors in the last 12 months, we’ve now been made aware of another life-threatening disease that’s frantically making it’s way across the country and causing distress to dog owners nationwide.

Canine Ehrlichiosis

This isn’t your regular old kennel cough outbreak that can be treated with a round of antibiotics and a week or two’s rest.

Put simply, it’s transmitted through the bite of a bacterium-carrying parasite called the “brown dog tick”, and just one bite can be potentially fatal for dogs.

This parasite is widespread in warm and humid areas of Australia, and common symptoms in infected dogs are fever, lethargy, decreased appetite and bleeding (such as nose bleeds).

So what should you do?

The good news is that Canine Ehrlichiosis isn’t contagious; only dogs bitten by the ticks will contract it. Most dogs improve from treatment with antibiotics and other supportive measures. However, some may develop a chronic infection, which usually has a terminal outcome.

We recommend a visit to your vet to discuss which products will protect your dogs from contracting this disease, and to follow the 4 easy steps below.


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