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How much do your Wedding Pet Assistant Services cost?

Now let's get down to the brass tacks...

Our Photos Only Package starts from $369 and our Ceremony & Photos Packages start from $429. We'll work with you to build a timeline that suits your needs for the day.

All our Packages include pick-up from and drop-off to your desired location, plus a whole range of other goodies and fun stuff! We also offer a range of Extra Time and Add-On’s options, ensuring your fur baby doesn’t miss out on any of the fun-filled and important moments of your day. As our Packages increase in price, so do their inclusions and discounts on our awesome Add-On’s & Extra Time options.

What is included on a typical Wedding Day?

Fun, fun, and more fun!

We'll pick your pet up from your desired pick-up location and provide safe, stylish, and comfortable transportation to your Photo/Ceremony location. We'll provide a quick groom to make sure they're looking their best and dress them in their outfit/accessories before being their dedicated buddy for the day, assisting with their role in your Ceremony and/or helping them pose for some paw-fect pics!

When it's time for the humans to party the night away, we'll head back home where we'll serve up their dinner and ensure they're settled in for the night before departing with a goodbye pat.

Looking for something extra? You got it! We can customise your fur baby's day exactly how you want it - just ask!

Do you walk my dog down the aisle?

We can look after this, or if you have someone special in mind, we can hand your dog over on the day so they can look after this very special moment. Once they've made their way down the aisle, we can swoop in to take care of things so they can be free to fully enjoy the Ceremony.

What happens to my dog during the Ceremony?

Most couples choose to have their dog walk down the aisle (either by us or someone else), then once they've made their way to the altar, we take them to the side/back of the Ceremony so they're out of the way and can watch on.

If your dog tends to be anxious and/or a little noisy without you and we find they're disrupting your Ceremony, we'll usually take them for a short walk to ease their nerves and let the Ceremony finish without too much interference.

What are some cute ways we can make our dog part of our Ceremony?

You have ABSOLUTELY come to the right place, my friend!

Some couples choose to have a member of the bridal party or someone special (like a family member or friend who isn’t part of the bridal party) walk their dog down the aisle, or alternatively, we can also take care of that on the day (particularly if your dog tends to pull a fair bit, as this saves someone from your bridal party potentially being pulled over if they’re wearing heels and a tight dress!).

The bridal procession order is totally up to you too; some couples choose to have their dog come out first, and some right before the Bride walks down the aisle. Some couples opt to have their dog as their flower girl/boy or ringbearer, or not at all.

We’ve also had a few couples choose to do the entire bridal procession, then the Celebrant says something like ‘Now we couldn’t make today happen without an extra special guest...’ before the dog walks down the aisle as a surprise, or you can also keep them as a secret ringbearer who appears when the rings are required.

There’s so many options, so it totally depends on what you imagine for the big day!

Do you have accessories available to hire?

Sure do! And the best part? They're all included FREE when you book one of our Wedding Pet Assistant Packages!

How far do you travel?

We're based in Camden, NSW, and we service all of the Sydney Metro Area, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Illawarra, The Hunter Valley, and Blue Mountains regions. If you're needing something out of these areas, just ask! Our Packages are built based on Weddings within 20km from our office; for all travel outside of this region, we charge a fee of $1/km, plus road tolls and parking on top of this fee if incurred.

Do you offer Pet Sitting?

We sure do! On-Site Pet Sitting at your Venue, accommodation, or home is just one of your awesome Add-On options. Alternatively, if you're after Pet Sitting at your home for while you're away getting married or on your Honeymoon, we can also assist with daily visits to your pets in the comfort of their own home. Depending on which of our Wedding Pet Assistant Packages you choose, you may even receive a discount on our Pet Sitting Services - woohoo!

How about during the Reception? Will you hang with my dog while we party?

Do you even need to ask twice?! This is exactly what our On-Site Pet Sitting entails - you party the night away with your nearest and dearest, and we'll keep your fur baby company until you return home (no doubt exhausted after tearing up the dancefloor all night!).

Do you offer boarding?

Nope, not just yet sorry! Though it's certainly on the cards for the future. Instead, we recommend checking out these awesome businesses...

Macarthur Region:
Kylie’s K9 Country Retreat (boarding kennel in Wilton)
Talia’s Feathers N Fur Pet Services (home boarding in Gregory Hills)
Sydney Pet Sitting & Doggy Daycare (home boarding in Glen Alpine)
Belltrees Boarding Kennel (boarding kennel in Appin)

Southern Highlands Region:
DOGUE Country Retreat (boutique boarding kennel in Berrima)
Pet Resorts of Australia Kelston (boarding kennel in High Range)
Petcharm Lodge (boarding kennel in Jaspers Brush)

Can someone stay with my dog overnight?

A doggy sleepover sounds just splendid! An Overnight Stay with one of our passionate pet people can be added on to any of our Wedding Pet Assistant Packages, or is included as part of our top-tier Signature Package.

With all this talk of dogs... Do you look after other pets, too?

We don't call ourselves passionate PET people for nothin' 😉

We're here to care for cute critters of all shapes, sizes, species and breeds!

Do you offer Grooming?

We can provide a basic wash and blow-dry on the day of your Wedding, if you're concerned about your dog looking a little grubby for the big day. Otherwise, if you're after a professional groom including washing, drying, clipping, styling, etc, then we recommend contacting a local Dog Groomer.

Do you provide a Meet & Greet?

We offer a few different Wedding Pet Assistant Packages which all provide a range of inclusions; some do include a Meet & Greet and some don't.

Most couples choose not to proceed with a Meet & Greet, as generally they know their dog best and will be able to determine whether their dog will be okay on the day being in the care of an unfamiliar person.

If your chosen Package does not include a Meet & Greet but you would like to include one in your Wedding Pet Assistant Package, this can be added at an additional fee. We can either meet at your home or somewhere in the middle, or you could come to Camden for a day trip and we could catch up while you’re here!

If your chosen Package does include a Meet & Greet, we highly recommend organising this closer to your Wedding date so that we can confirm all the finer details before the big day.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

We love working with happy, friendly and social dogs, so all behavioural issues we leave to the experts. If your dog needs some help with behavioural training, we highly recommend local Behavioural Trainer Chloe Finnie from Animal Wellness and Behaviour.

Do you take cash?

No, sorry. We only take payment by direct deposit into our bank account. Clients can access all their invoices and our bank details via the Time To Pet Portal.

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