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Life Through Chase's Eyes: My Year of Walks with Pawz & Me!

Last week I celebrated a year's worth of walkies with one of my longest-running and first-ever clients, Chase!

Chase is often referred to by my friends, family, and other clients as 'that really cute Boxer who pulls all the funny faces that we always see on Instagram', and yep, that pretty much sums him up. We've had so much fun together over these past 12 months that Chase has even decided to share some of his favourite memories from our time together!

Hey there, I'm Chase! You've probably seen me ALL over the Pawz & Me Facebook and Instagram - I'm a bit of a celebrity 😊

I remember when Emily first started taking me for walks and I kept forgetting which day she was supposed to arrive. I would wake up SUPER excited, my tail would wag and my nose would twitch. I bet you know what I’m talking about. I was PUMPED!

But sometimes it was only Monday, and I thought it was Tuesday. Human days still confuse me, why don’t you guys just wake up, sniff some grass and decide what to do after that. WHO CARES what day it is.

Oops, got distracted again. Hehe sorry! Back on track...

When Emily didn’t show up for our dog walks it made my ears droop and my cheeks all floppy. Sorta like this!

Now what will I do all day...?

I decided that she was usually probably just late (AS IF she'd ever forget about me!) and so sometimes I would flop onto the ground and try to peek under the gate with a sad look on my face so she would know how much I missed her when she FINALLY got here.

Have you ever seen a sookier face than mine? I think not.

Sometimes, Emily would take me on these BIG walks and I would meet these funny new friends! We would both hear them before we saw them, and I'm pretty sure they could hear us coming too, because they would come running to the fence and say 'Hi!'. Well, not 'Hi!', but more like 'Baaaghghh!'. I always wanted to run straight over but Emily was always WAY TOO SLOW. Come on Em!! This way this way this way to our new friends!

Emily told me my new friends are called Goats, and now I LOVE GOATS!!! They're like my best friends. But they're sorta smelly. And freaky lookin'. BUT I STILL LOVE THEM 😊

I also met this super duper amazing girl on my walks with Emily. Like SUPER amazing!!! Even more amazing than Emily!!! Her name is Kuna and she smells like liver treats and dog poop (WHICH I LOVE!!) and she makes my hair stand on end - in a good way! Kuna (my girlfriend) is a Bull Arab X and she lives up the road from me.

Sometimes, when we walk near her place my heart starts to race and my tongue pokes out! Kuna makes me really nervous!! Emily says I have a 'crush', whatever that is... Humans are weird.

Me dreaming about my girlfriend Kuna!! Emily says I look like a scene from something called 'The Bold and The Beautiful'. She says some pretty weird stuff.

I wish I could see Kuna every single day but sometimes, even though I wish really really really hard, she doesn’t come out to play. Then I get all sad and my ears go down and my mouth goes all floppy (like from before, remember?!) and then I open it and go 'ARWOOOOOOO', which roughly translates to 'KUTA! KUTA! Wherefore art thou my beautiful Kuta? Come out and play!!!!' But she doesn't. Emily says she's probably just busy having fun adventures with her human Mum & Dad but I don't think that's very fair!! She should be having fun adventures with ME on the front lawn instead!

Then Emily usually tells me to stop being a big sooky and keep walking. So I do.

But when Kuna IS home and we DO get to play, we have SOOO much fun!!! We rumble and tumble on her front lawn until I’m all tired and don’t want to walk anymore. Sometimes I get so tired that I don’t want to walk home and so I try to look REAAALLY cute and sooky so that Emily will carry me.

Anyway! I really love my walks with Emily. And I must be a really really good boy, because now Emily comes and walks me three times a week! I'd be happier if she was here everyday so I wouldn't have to sit at the gate waiting for her little red car to arrive everyday, but I still really really look forward to our walks together because I get to meet friendly new people who ask my name and rub my tummy and tell me what a pretty boy I am 😊

I hope you can make some stories with Emily, too!!



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